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LOCAL CALLS   604-412-4495
TOLL FREE   1-855-412-4495

Monday - Friday   9:00AM – 5:00PM (PT)

Appointments must be booked by phone for the following tests:
  1. - Ambulatory Blood Pressure
  2. - DOT/non-DOT Drug Screen
  3. - Holter Monitor
  4. - Lactose Tolerance/Hydrogen Breath Test
  5. - Legal Urine Drug Screen (appointments recommended but not required)
  6. - DNA Paternity Testing
  7. - Panorama Prenatal Test (appointments recommended but not required)
  8. - Semen Analysis
Please note:
1: Glucose Tolerance and Urea Breath Test (H.Pylori) are timed tests and should not be booked at the end of the day to allow time to complete.
2: For tests not included on this list, please proceed to “Book an Appointment” or you may walk-in to any of our locations at your convenience.