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TOLL FREE  1-877-849-3637

Monday -Friday  7:00AM – 7:00PM (ET)

Ontario Patients: Did you know?
Lifelabs is pleased to announce my resultsTM, an online
portal that provides patients secure access to their lab 
results.  It is free of charge and available to all Ontarians.
To register for my resultsTM, visit

Appointments must be booked by phone for the following tests:
  1. - Seminal Analysis
  2. - Holter Monitor
  3. - Urea Breath Test (H. Pylori)
  4. - Cryoglobulin / Cryofibrinogen/ Cold Agglutinin
  5. - Medical Legal Drugs of Abuse collections
        (including urine, breath and hair)
  6. - DNA Paternity Testing
  7. - Contract Services
  8. - Melisa
Please note:
1: Glucose Tolerance and Urea Breath Test (H.Pylori) are timed tests and should not be booked at the end of the day to allow time to complete.
2: For tests not included on this list, please proceed to “Book an Appointment” or you may walk-in to any of our locations at your convenience.